• 12km / 740m D+   start 6:30am
  • 21km / 1240m D+ (ITRA-1)   start 6:00am
  • 50km / 3300m D+ (ITRA-3)   start 4:00am



Elevation Profile 高度剖面圖


Cut times

  • 50km: 16 hours
  • 21km: 8 hours (cut time in CP-E is 11am)
  • 12km: 6 hours

Cut times for 50km

  • 8:00am on split 21/50km
    • Runner from 50km will be changed to 21km category (no DNF)
    • You may change voluntarily before 8:00, please announce clearly to staff on this split (also please note it you are here at 7:30am you will probably not manage following cut times)
    • coordinates 24.9675, 121.6235
  • 10:00 CP-C
    • not exactly cut time, but if you will reach CP-C after 9:45am you will probably not manage cut times in CP-E
    • from CP-C can take taxi or bus No. 666 to Muzha, organizers do not provide transportation from here
  • 13:30 CP-E
    • cut time before Shenkeng loop
    • notice there is not option of change to “40km” as in 2016
  • 17:00 CP-E
    • cut time after Shenkeng loop (8km to go)


  • Any cut time can be changed by organizers during event due to unwelcome conditions as heavy rain
  • It is allowed start only from start point and within 15minutes after start!
  • To join 50km need already adequate trail running experience on similar distance!


Virtual Google Map

more information will be add

full screen map open here

Food and drinks in Check Points


“Forest Temple”


  • water
  • coke
  • banana
  • season fruit
  • cookies
  • First Aid Kit

“Buddha Temple”

24.9627, 121.6248

  • water
  • coke
  • Tailwind (1L= c. 300kCal)
  • banana
  • season fruit
  • cookies
  • bread /peanut butter
  • First Aid Kit


24.9910, 121.6570

  • water
  • coke
  • Tailwind (1L= c. 300kCal)
  • banana
  • season fruit
  • cookies
  • bread /peanut butter
  • First Aid Kit
  • WC 150m towards town in community center

“Tian Nang Temple”

24.9749, 121.6150

  • water
  • coke
  • Tailwind (1L= c. 300kCal)
  • one RacingPro gel
  • banana
  • season fruit
  • cookies
  • bread /peanut butter
  • COOKED food
    • soup
    • noodles (afternoon)
  • First Aid Kit
  • WC another side of road

24.9907, 121.6068

  •  water primary for 12km

“Zhinan Temple”

24.9785, 121.5869

  • 0.6L water bottle
  • water
  • soft drink
  • beer
  • lunch box
  • Ambulance, nurse
  • WC
  • no showers but tape and running water in toilets, please keep clean


  • Food listed above is just basic list.
  • Please rather asked if meat or eggs, etc. are present in cooked food
  • There is not water available before start of race, please fill up your reservoirs before
  • Salt is available in each Check Point (usually on table close to fruit)
  • “Season fruit” can be apple, watermelon, guava,…
  • ICE – usually in every check point, but primary for cold down drinks


Course Marking

All courses are marked with red/reflective Taiwan Beast Runners ribbons. Runner has to pay attention for marking and be present on course, in case feel lost return back in same way to last ribbon and figure out. Change of direction or turns will be marked at least with one ribbon. In trail without turns will be ribbons at least every 200 m. Signs of direction will be used rarely; there will not be marshals on course.

Short cuts are not permitted. Every runner must stay on the way-marked paths. Any runner who voluntarily leaves the way-marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.






you can download .gpx  for GARMIN device (send course via Garming Connect): https://connect.garmin.com/modern/profile/TaiwanBeastRunners請下載.gpx

download .gpx for another devices: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzaliwMtDiGZVFpqTG1FdUVGUms&usp=sharing*我們強烈的建議下載gps到您的手機或gps手錶!!



  • course can still little change (but most probably same as in 2016) !!!
  • we recommended use Locus Free for Android devices (can download certain maps and upload .gpx or .kml track)
  • simple elevation chart and map will be also available (final map will be published)