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MADFORM by Bounce Quintessence®

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MADFORM 是來自西班牙巴賽隆納的物理治理暨運動品牌,有雄厚的專業運動物理治療背景,源自於一位西班牙國家隊奧運物理治療師Miguel Angel Dominguez的緣故。從事專業運動競技物理治療長達25年之久,歷經多年的研究,研發出一系列運動傷害防護最獨一無二的運動保養品配方。旗下產品曾被評選為《Men’s Running 男性跑者雜誌》及《Women’s Running 女性跑者雜誌》產品創新金獎及銀獎。

Madform is originally from Barcelona which has been a trusted physio and sport products brand in Spain for over a decade. The brand and products were created with a solid physio background as their foundation. The visionary and owner was a physio therapist for the Spainish Olympic National Team who noticed pain points for the athletes in their recovery and began this journey to find the solutions. The founder, Miguel Angel Dominguez has been treating, teaching, and guiding professional athletes and the Physio Therapy Industry for over 25 years.
After several years of research and development, he came up with several unique products designed for injury prevention and muscle recovery. Madform has received recognition and has been awarded by Men’s Running Magazine a Silver Award
and Women’s Running Magazine a Gold Award.

About BQ (Bounce Quintessence)
Our mission is to help reduce sport injury for active people and professional athletes. BQ selects the best injury prevention and muscle recovery products throughout Europe and the U.S. Our social responsibility is to deliver the most advanced knowledge to our customers concerning injury prevention and promote the concept that exercise does not have to be always sore or painful.